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Relationships Matter

It seems like a simple concept, but many people take it for granted. The relationships you create both personally and in business matter quite a bit. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a colleague of mine from back in the Sun Microsystems days. Ramesh KV was one of the first people I met when I took my first trip to India. He eventually joined my team and built out the first data center in Bangalore. We also won an Innovation Award together at Sun.

Ramesh has since moved on to bigger and better things and I'm proud to know him. :-)

We were able to connect again in Mumbai India in February at the DataCloud conference. It felt exactly the same. Like no time had passed. We didn't skip a beat. That is what friendships are about. They transcend companies, distance and time.

If you have a chance today, reach out to someone who you haven't talk to in a while. No reason, just to say hi. Trust me, it is awesome!

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